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Safety Day Participant

Just a little wildlife participating in JSC’s Safety Day activities.

Sputnik Meeting Area, mall pond #1

This 27′ long Airstream began it’s career at NASA in 1989 as the Shuttle Modal Inspection System. After the Space Shuttle Program ended the trailer became excess and was available for other uses.

One of Center Operations goals this year is to expand the use of the outdoor mall area and take full advantage of the beauty and serenity of the ponds, trees and wildlife. We decided to conduct a low-cost experiment with the Airstream and create an outdoor meeting and gathering area for employees in the center of the mall.

This meeting area, code-named “Sputnik”, pays homage to the past while linking to our future. The Airstreams unique silver exterior invokes the same creative flair seen in the world’s first satellite. Sputnik launched from the same pad that now carriers our astronauts to the International Space Station.

Sputnik’s features include sustainable power in the form of a solar generator and LED light fixtures, an outdoor sitting area for casual meetings, an indoor meeting area for small groups, whiteboards and large post-it-note paper. A small table for private work and the Airlock; a two person “back porch” complete with a raisable hatch to enjoy the full view of the natural outdoors.

Meet, eat, drink a little coffee, create or enjoy the area in any way you wish. Planned activities include luncheon “AMA (Ask Me Anything)” informal sessions with members of senior staff and perhaps even Acoustic Thursdays featuring lunchtime music from some of JSC’s home grown artists. Feel free to suggest other planned activities as you wish.

New Tropical Storm

Chantal is working its way towards Cuba but is predicted to turn northward by the coast of Florida later in the week. We are watching it, but not too concerned at this point.

Tons of Mulch

We make our own mulch here at JSC, so much of it we don’t have to buy any. Very cool.

Gate 2 Limited Re-opening

The Gate 2 entrance (NASA Parkway and Nassau Bay) was closed earlier this year due to dramatic budget reductions and it’s classification as a lower priority service. Our belief was that traffic would smooth out on NASA Parkway after a short period of adjustment. Unfortunately, morning traffic has not improved and we continue to experience ongoing safety issues with congested traffic during a short period in the morning. To help alleviate this congestion, Gate 2 will re-open for morning traffic beginning Monday, July 8th from 6 a.m. – 8:45 a.m., Monday through Friday, excluding Flex Fridays and holidays.  We will continue to experience the cost savings of not opening for lunchtime traffic and also remaining closed every other Friday on Flex Friday. Some of the energy savings from Flex Friday will be used to help alleviate the cost of the limited morning re-opening, and we will be conducting future cost-saving challenge events to help us seek better and more cost efficient ways of staffing our services while maintaining appropriate security measures.

In addition, Gate 2’s outbound lanes will re-open for outbound traffic onto NASA Parkway from 4 p.m. – 6 p.m., Monday through Friday, excluding Flex Fridays and holidays. This can be done with minimal cost and should help alleviate congestion near Rocket Park during the evening rush hour. Additional stop signs will be installed near Gate 2 to accommodate these changes so please drive carefully and slowly in this area until all employees become familiar with the changes. Please review the following map for the traffic changes necessary to accomplish this.

Tony Delgado’s Retiring

Tony Delgado has worked in Logistics for many years and is retiring this Friday. If you get a chance shake his hand and say “thank you!” for his many years of service. We’ll miss you Tony, enjoy your retirement.

Tropical Season Starts!


B20 Murals…what are they?

I get questions from time to time about all of the pictures in B20. Here’s the document that explains what they are…

Sustainability Report

The JSC Sustainability Report is available as a PDF file.

Get it read it love it!

Good example of trip hazard

The ground sinks or shrinks and viola!


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